Monday, July 16, 2012

CTMH Convention - Moving Message from our Keynote Speaker

Founder of Big Picture classes, Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and one very sweet lady!!!

I was really impressed w/ her message....she (basically) said to slow down and enjoy our lives.  Stop rushing through and trying to be everything to everyone.  Know your limits and learn how to say "No!".  Enjoy your time WITH your kiddos....take in the moment. Know when to step out from behind your camera and watch ... making a mental memory instead of a digital one. I am not doing her justice...she was incredibly inspirational!!

Stacy created a video for our convention, you can watch it below. Have your tissues handy.

From Stacy’s Blog:

“My message is that time moves so very fast and most of the time we do too. But, we can choose (with practice) to slow down and to savor simple everyday moments. We can pull out our cameras and take pictures and we can live with these pictures and let them work magical things inside of us. Doing so will make us more grateful, more content, more aware and more happy. There is so much that is overwhelming and challenging in life. Efforts to capture and share your memories should be neither.”

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