Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Fine Day Layout

Well, I finally finished this layout that we got at Convention...about a month ago.  Which, for me, is quite an accomplishment since I still have stuff from the last two years... not assembled and laying in the plastic sleeves, just as I received them.
Anyway...I made a point of getting around to this one b/c I wanted to show you all the beautiful new colors that CTMH released w/ the Fall/Winter Idea Book on August 1st.

But I can't start without mentioning these pics...'The Bananer' got a new bike this Spring.  Her & Ryan were at our favorite local bike shop and apparently they had this old school Schwinn for sale.  Ryan, who I am sure was reliving some childhood memory at the time, just couldn't resist.  A few minutes walks Anna w/ a 'new' bike...sparkling red banana seat and all.  What's even better is that she LOVES this bike...gets all kinds of compliments as she rides around our neighborhood.  Only bad weighs a TON!  How did we lug these things around when we were younger?

So back to the layout....the new colors include: Ruby, Slate, & Champagne....just gorgeous!
The layout format is new as's the left side of layout #14 from Jeanette Lynton's Make It from Your Heart (Vol 1) how-to publication.  If you're a fan of the previous hard cover versions of her "Let Me Show You How" philosophy...I highly recommend this baby.  I am lovin' it...and it's only $7.95!

Here are a couple of shots of the embellishments that I used..... new Slate Satin Polka-Dot Ribbon...and the glitter accent & the flower resin pin are from the Slat Mini-Medley Accents Collection,

And I couldn't post without showing you the OH SO VERSATILE...Irresistibles Houndstooth Alphabet, inked in the new Slate color.

If you haven't tried any of the CTMH 'Irresistibles' chipboard are missing out!  These chipboard shapes have resist pattern that shows through when covered with ink, markers, or watercolors.

Now this pic shows the stitching...NOT A FAN!  I used to sew on my layouts w/ my machine...which is now broken b/c I thought that I could transport it to a crop w/out a case.  Don't try it!  I broke the arm clean off. instructions called for stitching and I thought that I'd mind as well try out my new ruler,  that I've had for six months and not touched.  So I start punching thru the guide holes on the ruler...and with maybe 5 punches under my belt I am already sorry that I decided to do this.  I admit it...I am a lazy scrapbooker!  But, I started so I had to finish...again...NOT A FAN!  Birthday coming up and a sewing machine is in my very near future!  The stitching does make the layout though..don't you think?  Just to be clear...I am not against stitching on a layout...just against doing it by hand!

And then if I haven't worked hard enough on this layout already...I find this!  My little man is obsessed with his kid scissors.  And apparently no amount of 'don't touch Mommy's scrapbooking stuff' could keep his temptation in check.  That little stinker not only cut the top right corner of my layout but, spilled chocolate re-inker on it as well...UGH!!!  Lucky for him, I am not a perfectionist...this layout will stay 'as is' and maybe even find a little explanation attached in one of the new mini flip flaps.  
Life happens...I just wish it'd stay away from my scrapbooking table!


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