Sunday, March 3, 2013

While Supplies Last...

QUICKLY and in an orderly fashion.....get on over to my website!  They've added even MORE items to the 'While Supplies Last' section.

Check out this Scroll Album...just $12.50!  Remember this from the Fall/Winter Idea Book?  It was a Workshop On The Go kit, priced at $34.95!  

7 ¼" Wooden Spool w/4 feet of Kraft Paper
2 – 12" × 6" Printed Canvas Sticker Sheets
1 yard Chocolate Grosgrain Ribbon
10 – Buttons (3 Twilight, 3 Chocolate, 4 Sunset)

*Please note that this is just the scroll and accessories....the workshop guide is NOT included.  But you can borrow mine!

And how about this adorable 'Boutique Assortment'...just $1.50 (org. $5.95).

4 large and 6 small adhesive-backed bling gems, 2 metal bow clips, 2 metal rose clips, approximately 1" × 1¼".

And who could forget the sensational 'Clear Button Assortment' (72 buttons total in 4 designs) ...also originally $5.95 and now just $1.25!

 OOOH! And my favorites...the 'Milepost Shapes'.  I have blown through 2 whole packs of these babies, since their debut.  And that is saying something, seeing how there are 48 shapes in each.  I found them to be so them, paper them, flip them over to use the smooth side for added dimension...I can't get enough of them!  And I'll be stocking up at just $1 per bag (org. $3.95)!  What!?!


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